La Seu d’Urgell is an important tourist center in Catalonia. Its location is privileged because it is the heart of the Catalan High Pyrenees, in the Segre Valley, 10 km from Andorra and 45km from the border with France. It is the capital of the region the Alt Urgell.

The attractions are numerous, diverse and complementary: the mountains, the natural park of Cadí-Moixeró, the monumental medieval village, the Segre Olympic Park, adventure sports, four Nordic skiing stations nearby, and many others than make La Seu d’Urgell truly charming.

How to get to La Seu d’Urgell

From Barcelona:

  • You can go up by the Llobregat axis (through the Cadí tunnel) up to the N-260 at Bellver.
  • It is also used the N-II to Cervera, from Cervera to Ponts and Ponts to La Seu, through the C-14, the Segre axis.
  • A variation of this route goes through Calaf and Jorb. Those who want to enjoy a more varied landscape would do well to take it. You can also reach us via Manresa, Cardona and Solsona.

From Girona:

  • The most common route passes through Banyoles, Olot, Sant Joan de les Abadesses, Ripoll, Collada de Toses, Alp and Bellver. You can also get there from the Transverse axis.

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